It’s Almost Furniture Painting Season


Now that the weather is warming up no longer freezing, my thoughts are turning to furniture projects. Spray paint – chalk paint – semigloss paint – gel stain – it doesn’t really matter. For me milder temps = furniture makeovers.

Bookcases, tables, desks…. if it stands still and is made of wood I will give it new life!

IMG_20150705_134157_476    IMG_20150706_172233_370

This does interfere to a degree with my quilting projects… but temporarily and it’s worth it!

Below is a cute desk with a metal top and scratched and dented wood base and legs but completely functional. I used a little chalk paint powder and some paint and woo-hoo! Now it’s functional and cute!

IMG_20150707_084946_772      IMG_2982

Below is the BEFORE of a table – scratched, discolored and dated…

IMG_20150608_090344_341          and AFTER using gel stain       IMG_20150823_161108_683

Best of all, it’s fun and relatively inexpensive.

What about you? Do you have a piece of furniture that you’ve been eyeing for a makeover?

Next time I’ll share some of my favorite tools for painting and staining.



Would you choose one big project over several small projects?

This past week found me working on smaller projects.

Quilts, even baby quilts, take an invest of time and resources. Occasionally it makes sense to make a small project.

Rather than the time investment a quilt takes I’ve chosen instead to make a few smaller projects.


Tech Device cover – made by  me — pattern by Hipster Haberdasher on ETSY

I find it satisfying to start and finish a project in a relatively short amount of time. I made the Ipad/Kindle covers for that reason. Using an easy-to-adapt pattern for “tech devices” I made one for me and one for a friend.

Then I spent some time playing with fabric. I had some ideas bouncing around in my head and wanted to experiment.

For me it can be hard to just “play” with fabric. The elephant is losely based on the ticker tape quilty applique method I’ve seen in a few places online.

The vase with flowers was inspired by The Splendid Sampler quilt along and incorporated some free motion quilting (my favorite!) to pull it together.


Rough Drafts! As my technique and design improves I anticipate more mini-quilts and wall hangings for sale in my ETSY shop.


I’m starting to think small projects might the way of my future. The satisfaction of completing projects and having a useable item in an afternoon appeals to me.

Look for more of this fabric play from me in the future.


What do you prefer? Short and sweet or working with a bigger project and seeing it through to completion?

2015 in Pictures

Letting the pictures do the talking

And there’s more!

2016 projects well under way and a couple of new listings in my ETSY shop.